Why Techfinance?

Knowing your numbers: It's more than a spreadsheet.

Getting to the heart of the matter

Techfinance serves to represent the unique financial interests of growing technology enterprises.

Scaling an enterprise comes with a set of challenges that are often hidden.  Clarifying the issues requires a combination of deep industry experience and sound financial skill.

Financial support must be much more than a number-cruncher service.  It must be able to anticipate complex issues arising from a changing environment and clarify a path to maximizing returns with an acceptable level of risk.

There is no better way to approach an issue than leveraging a team that has done it before.  Whether you have a project or a broader-scope issue, your enterprise will have the versatility to use our services without committing to fixed resources, leveraging deep subject matter expertise.

Fifteen years tackling issues facing growing technology companies.  Innovative operational finance leadership with entrepreneurial spirit.  Authoritative expertise leading teams through transformative events, building forecast processes, developing budgets & long-range plans, enabling decision support for C-level teams, and establishing controlled-processes tailored to a company’s financial operating model and culture.

Highlights of prior engagements

•Financial planning through IPO launch.

•Development of Board of Director packages.

•Integration of finance function for three acquisitions.

•Improvements and modifications to financial reporting systems.

•Design and improvement of financial forecasts, budgets and long-term plans.

•Development of models for revenue, headcount, commissions, & profit.


A growing enterprise requires smart investment nurturing. 

It's more than sizing the amount of funding required.  It's about having a comprehensive understanding of the portfolio and the competitive landscape.  A strong financial plan must come from insightful diagnostics.

Understanding your path and range of possibilities clarifies action.

How to decide where the inflection point is.

Whether the question is how to test acceptability of a new product, how to penetrate a new market, or how to make a product profitable, a fact-based scenario-driven sensitivity analysis is a powerful tool to highlight the road ahead and enable decision-making.

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