Techfinance is a financial planning & analysis consultancy focused on tackling issues unique to growing technology companies.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive operational and analytical financial support for technology organizations facing evolving requirements at each stage of the growth cycle.  

We know that executing effectively is just as important as getting the strategy right.  A good financial plan must synthesize the long-term view and a granular approach to how to get there.

We use proven processes that enable decision-making, clarify funding needs, and reduce ambiguity surrounding organizations undergoing change.  We immerse ourselves in understanding business drivers and partner to assess financial posture & evaluate investment / divestment possibilities.  Whether you need assistance on a specific project or broad-based analytical support, we can help.

Budgeting in a hyper-growth environment

How do you assess affordability when the range of possibilities is large?

Budgeting in a growth environment can prove challenging.  Often elements of a plan become irrelevant even before the year starts.  This is particularly true in businesses that experience 20%+ annual top line growth or acute business volatility.  What seemed unaffordable only a few months earlier suddenly proves attainable.  Or investments that you once thought to make no longer appear viable.

While it is tempting to dismiss the value of a budget in such environment, when done properly, a multi-scenario budget exploring ranges can bring clarity, provide flexibility and identify which areas of your business to invest in.

Optimizing Value-Creation

Navigating through change

Organizations are faced with an external environment that requires constant evolution and transformation.

The impact of culture in an operating plan

​Culture is a strong part of a company's DNA and a successful financial plan must take it into account.

Having the right financial operating model

​Understanding competitive strengths is critical to having the right financial plan.

Serving San Francisco and New York small & medium technology enterprises.